Family rafting adventures – Bighorn Sheep Canyon


Rafting the Bighorn Sheep Canyon is a great family rafting trip and only one hour from Colorado Springs! The Bighorn Sheep Canyon is named after the sheep that populate this region. The Bighorn Sheep is a species of sheep native to North America and are found in abundance in the Bighorn Sheep Canyon. The Bighorn Sheep originally traversed to North America over the Bering land bridge from Siberia. Which we estimate takes a lot longer than our shuttle to the river.


We offer both a full day & half day of Colorado Rafting adventures along the Bighorn Sheep Canyon of the Arkansas River. The Bighorn Canyon is the most popular family rafting trip near Colorado Springs. The Bighorn Sheep Canyon is suitable for ages 6 and up, and a superb destination for your first rafting adventure!


Our full-day Bighorn Sheep trip combines the Bighorn Sheep Canyon family rafting trip with our Classic Zipline tour and includes lunch at the White Water Bar & Grill. Family rafting trips on the Bighorn Sheep Canyon are a great way to bond with your children! When paddle rafting it gives your child the sense control, and as a parent, you will find your children engaged & involved in the whitewater experience as well as the epic scenery of the Bighorn Sheep Canyon. The excitement is contagious and lasts long after the experience of the thrill of your rafting trip has ended.