Our staff of support kayakers is an indispensable part of our Royal Gorge Rafting trips and high water family rafting trips on the Bighorn Sheep Canyon.


Our kayakers will have your photos available after your trip via multiple photo kiosks or large screen tv slideshows all within the White Water Bar & Grill where you can peruse your photos and order them on the spot from our kiosks or view them from your home via our website.


Beyond support, there are many facets your kayaker fills, They assist with the Full Day Royal Gorge lunches as a riverside chef. They are there to capture your adventure from the beginning to end. They provide additional entertainment & overall, they help Royal Gorge Rafting create our well rounded program.


You should know. Rafts can and will flip over at times, you can fall out of a raft. This is part of white water rafting and this is why we employ our team of kayakers. They can assist you and your crew if and when a raft fully capsizes or you take an unexpected swim. A kayaker running support can also retrieve lost paddles dropped in the river. Up a creek without a paddle? We prefer not.


A kayaker can exit the river at nearly any given point and hike his or her kayak to a new location. This is important as swimmers could end up on opposite side of the river from their raft. A kayaker can assist swimmers with a bow or stern rescue maneuver or they can instruct you as to where to swim. This in itself is more often than not substantial enough help and is what most people need to alert them to swim to shore or to another raft.



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