Staying up to date on best practices & procedures for Colorado Rafting & Zipline Tours

For your safety

Regarding COVID-19 and the safety of all of our guests and employees, if you are exhibiting signs and symptoms of Covid-19, we will require that you immediately isolate yourselves from other guests and staff members. We will ask that you do so directly and request that you seek advanced medical care to determine if you have contracted COVID-19. Unfortunately, this protocol is a possibility, but it is the reality of the current pandemic, which demands that we all take the situation seriously and with the best of care to prevent the spread of COVID-19. We have the same protocol set for our employees and any employees with signs or symptoms are isolated. 

Take the COVID-19 Screening: COVID-19 SCREENING

These symptoms may signal COVID-19:

Further regard of COVID-19

Our focus continues to be about the safety and well being of our guests and staff.

Operating within outdoor adventure companies for over 30 years has always demanded that we assess potential and inherent risks. Covid-19 is another one of these risks that we must mitigate, and we will use the best in house practices and those recommended by the State of Colorado and CDC to help us all avoid the hazard it presents.

We are in a fortunate setting. Our adventures are based outdoors under the sun and in the open air. Our Zipline Tours are adaptable to social distancing measures as well as our Whitewater Rafting Tours.

Being outdoors is of course a positive factor. On our raft trips, we are continually refreshed by the whitewater of the Arkansas River.

Yet, with these positive factors, we have improved our operating procedures’ for the better. These operational changes will help us maintain CDC guidelines and address the unique operational aspects of our business. All to help restrict the spread of Covid-19.

Although we have not had any cases of Covid-19 at any of our businesses, with our staff or our guests, we are proactive in making sure we do not.

A few additional measures

We have created a guest questionnaires that help us determine if a guest has contracted Covid-19 or has been in a social circle with anybody that has contracted Covid-19.

Touch-Free Office procedures. Waivers will be finished before arrival or from the comfort of your device at our base location.

All doors at our location will remain open unless the weather is aggressive. At that time, a staff member will operate the doors.

Our offices will only need one member of your group to check-in for your trip, and when applicable, we will hold registration outdoors. Whether indoors or outdoors, we will focus on maintaining what has become the standard social distance of 6 feet. This of course will apply to each group.

Our retail spaces will only allow a few patrons at a time to further practice social distancing.

Our vehicles and shuttles will be open-air, reduced capacity and spaced seating will be maintained and appointed by color.

All gear is sanitized and disinfected after each trip, which will now include paddles, rafts, splash tops, and PFD’s. Zipline harnesses and gloves will be rotated on a quarantined basis and disinfected.

We will have further operational guidelines at our base locations and our private beach locations. Our focus remains on your safety and well being. This has always been our goal, and now with Covid-19, we will address your safety with the same preparedness.

To us, life is for living to the fullest and as always in the safest manner.

We will continually follow the CDC recommendations and monitor the situation daily.

We look forward to hosting you and your family soon!


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