The Royal Gorge Bridge

Look up to a few facts, from a rafting trip below.
The Royal Gorge Bridge and Park feature one of the most famous bridges in the world! Hence the name: The Royal Gorge Bridge and Park… Hovering over the Arkansas River at  955 feet makes this spectacle one of the most amazing from both above and below!
Here are a few notable factoids on the amazing engineering feat – the Royal Gorge Bridge

  • Construction of the Royal Gorge bridge began in June of 1929 and was finished in November the same year!
  • The bridge was the world’s highest suspension bridge from 1929 up to 2001 (at which point the Chinese surpassed with the Liuguanghe Bridge.)
  • The bridge cost $350,000 to build and was built as an attraction instead of as a viaduct to a particular destination.
  • The towers of the bridge are standing at 150 feet high.
  • The Royal Gorge Bridge was nearly lost to a fire in 2013 which burned nearly all of the Royal Gorge Bridge & Park to the ground.
Royal Gorge Bridge & Park – The old tram before the fire occured.
Royal Gorge Bridge & Park – The old tram before the fire occured.
  • The original tram was lost to the 2013 fire.
  • The bridge spans from one end to the other at 880 feet! (Feel the sway as you walk over the Royal Gorge below)
  • The bridge is 18 feet wide and is covered in 1292 wooden planks.
  • The bridge was completed in seven short months (or long months in this case)
  • Eric Scott flew across the gorge on November 24th, 2008 in what was the highest jet pack flight ever. (Crazy! we were there watching this unreal feat)

Be sure to ask your guides for more information on the Royal Gorge & the Bridge on your Royal Gorge Rafting trip!
Why did they build the Royal Gorge Bridge? A: to get to the other side… Sorry, sorry, could’nt help it.