We accept applications year-round and we're currently accepting applications for our 2023 raft guide training program
  • Prior experience is not required
  • We hire both experienced and new guides
  • We anticipate every trainee applicant will become a professional guide
A quick video chat interview will help us determine if we are a good fit for one another.
Fill out the online application below to get started.
A View Into the RGR World

What We're Looking For:

Great guides can come from all avenues.
We have employed college professors, teachers, lawyers, medics, pilots, authors, students, and of course year-round river guides with many exceeding 20+ years in the industry. In addition, we have always employed support kayakers to round out the Royal Gorge Rafting team. We invite you to inquire about joining our team of professional river guides, kayakers, and representatives!
We are looking for team members who:
  • Are genuine
  • Possess outstanding "people" skills
  • Have a respectful sense of humor
  • Can read social cues and adapt to your guests' demeanor
  • Easily connect with a variety of personalities and welcome our guests for who they are
  • Can anticipate, troubleshoot, and resolve challenging situations and embrace adventure in all its capacities
  • Can stay energized and deliver exceptional service
  • Are flexible, motivated team players tackling a myriad of tasks through the potential of long days
  • Embrace the lifestyle of being a guide with its challenges and corresponding rewards
  • Have a passion and respect for the outdoors and for those that approach life professionally whether the challenge is large or small
If this is you, apply for the role!

Rafting Guide Training

For new rafting guides:
  • White Water Rafting Guide training will run from May 16th to June 6th 2022
  • We can not guarantee you will pass guide training although we will give you all the necessary tools you need to succeed.
For new rafting guides:
  • The cost of our training program (Rafting $500.00 + 5.25% AHRA Colorado State Parks fee. Total $526.25).
  • A 50% deposit will be required once accepted into the training program. The remaining balance is due at a minimum two weeks before training.
  • Guide trainees will need to be financially soluble throughout the three-week rafting training period.
  • Guides and trainees typically camp for the summer or rent accommodations in Canon City.
  • All equipment for training is provided during training: Wetsuits, river boots, PFD's etc.
  • After training, all raft guides will need to purchase the “tools of the trade” PFD, helmet, footwear, throw bag, whistle, river knife, and other everyday guide items. We offer wholesale rates on river gear so you will not be expected to arrive with the equipment you need to be a guide.
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