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Exceptional Service & Safety

Our professional guides & safety kayakers provide exceptional service to ensure a truly epic adventure! We use the industry's finest rafts and river gear. Choose our team that is 100% committed to your safety, fun & adventure!

One Location. 100% Fun.

Welcome to the Adventure Hub. Our premier locations allow private riverside access to the Royal Gorge, whitewater rafting, luxury lodging and glamping, fishing & the Whitewater Bar & Grill - all within 3 miles!

The Most Inclusive Pricing

Everything is covered. All river gear is free of charge. We never charge extra for essential equipment. Your safety is our top priority.
Kayak Support

Why We Bring Kayak Support on Every Trip


Support Assistant
Imagine you are separated from your raft, (although unlikely it is still a possibility.) A support kayaker is watching your raft and has the ability to get you back to your raft or shore.
Swims Can Happen
Rafts can and will flip over at times, and you can fall out of a raft. This is part of white water rafting and this is why we employ our team of kayakers. They can assist you and your crew if and when a raft fully capsizes or you take an unexpected swim. A kayaker running support can also retrieve lost paddles dropped in the river. Up a creek without a paddle? We prefer not.

The Best Trip Photos

Trip Photographer
We are the only company to offer in house photo services. Our kayakers are the heart and soul of our photography program. Our photographers are able to get many shots throughout the trip not limited to action shots in the rapids, but scenic and candid group photos as well to truly capture the substance and spirit of your adventure. Your kayaker starts taking photos from the time you arrive and continues until the time you depart.
Your Photos
After your adventure we will display the photos of your trip via multiple photo kiosks or large screen tv slideshows back at the Whitewater Bar & Grill. You can peruse your photos and order them on the spot from our kiosks or view them from your home via our website. Then you can take in the days events and imbibe in the good times had with friends and family.

They Make Your
Experience Better

Beyond support, kayakers assist with the Full Day Royal Gorge raft trip lunches as a riverside chef. They are there to capture your adventure from the beginning to end. They provide additional entertainment & overall, they help us create the very best day on the river for you.
One Location. 100% Epic.

The Ultimate Gorge Experience

Get out, get wild, or just relax. All the adventure is in one place. Spend more time vacationing, and less time traveling.
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