We operate a custom photo program, unlike any other. Our Colorado Rafting Trips and Royal Gorge Zipline Tours are captured by professional kayak photographers and zip line photographers who shoot thousands of our guest's photos daily

Our photogrpahers shoot thousands of photos a day.

On our Colorado rafting trips and Royal Gorge zipline tours, we have a professional photographer follow each adventure. They become your personal paparazzi. Along the day’s adventure, if you see an image you would like captured, just let them know as they always aim to please!

A photo is worth a thousand words as the saying goes. And if you are in the market anywhere from $20 for a solo image$40 for your zipline photos or – $60 for our Colorado Rafting photos. Our photo service is a steal compared to any other outfitter on the Arkansas River and beyond.

Check out our photo of the day on facebook below or on instagram. This is an excellent way for us to present a peek into the daily happenings of Royal Gorge Rafting & Zipline tours. It helps our guests and looky-loos keep tabs on how much fun we are having and it captures the general vibe of our daily scene which we believe to be nothing short of AWESOME!


Learn more about our unique photo program and the team of photo and support kayakers and land-based photographers that makes our program truly one of a kind!. 

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